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2017 Petit Pittacum

I don’t really remember why did I completely stop enjoying and drinking red wine, but it took me years to get back to it. I think it was a couple of months ago when I randomly had some Amarone della Valpolicella. Since then, somehow, I discovered red wine again.

Petit Pittacum is made by the Bodega Pittacum located in Arganza, north from Ponferrada and Villafranca del Bierzo, in the western part of the province León. Even though the winery officially opened for business in 1999, they are focused on locating older vines (50 – 110 years old), growing in different microclimates and soils, which will allow bringing different characteristics forward. They are dedicated to the grape Mencía, and the 2017 Petit Pittacum is a 100%.

Grapes for that particular wine come from a small distributed plots of a 100 years old Mencía vines, located on the hills in the El Bierzo. Sourced from the slopes facing east and north, growing in the clay soil. The hills and the valleys in the El Bierzo are creating a particular climate, with moderate Galician humidity, while partially dry as in the region of Castile. The grapes are harvested manually and transported in small batches. Destemmed at the winery and fermented uncrushed for 15 days in 25 degrees Celsius, stirred and transferred into barrels to age for another period of 3 months, further aging happens in the bottle.

The wine needed some time to properly open and let all the aromas fly, after uncorking the bottle. Initially, it might seem a bit heavy on the wood (new barrels?), but once it breaths a little, the fruity nose pushes oak more into the background and it’s the cherry and black current in the front row. It is a bit spicy as well, the combination of black pepper’s aroma and the saline sensation on the palate works in favor of a nice medium finish.

Petit Pittacum vintage 2017 is a well balanced and incorporated 14% of alcohol. There is more happening on the nose, than on the palate. The complexity is just right to consider it at least a good, straightforward red wine.

Appearance: clean, medium-deep purple, a little gradient on the rim, the wine is pretty young after all.
Nose: clean, pronounced – leather, mushrooms, licorice, cherry
Palate: dry, medium+ acidity, low tannin, medium body. It has a mineral/saline sensation going on, aromas of black pepper, black currant, and tobacco.

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