Month: April 2020


You are missing out

This story is not going to be a summary of the French associations for natural winemakers. The lately officially recognized by the Institute for Origins and Quality (France) natural wine certification — “Vin Méthode Nature” won’t be discussed. Let’s talk about how you’re probably missing out on beautiful wines, places, people, and their stories. Maybe you already know some of those natural wine extremists. These people will only drink wine if it’s 100% natural, no intervention, zero additives, made with unknown grapes, unknown locations, and by unknown winemakers. I was very much into that hip natural-wine ephemeral (mostly online) community. The pursuit was real — we were after the most nothing-added, hardcore, down-to-earth wines one can find. I wanted to try all the big names and of course all the unknown ones as well. Natural wine is pretty much Wabi-Sabi → it’s a celebration of imperfection. That’s the funny part about that. Even thou, the pursuit is after what is not-known and not-discovered, most of those natural-wine zealots aren’t in the reality that keen on experimenting, as you might …