Month: July 2020

Quarz - Kellerei Terlan

2014 “Quarz” Kellerei Terlan

Kellerei Terlan is one of those huge names, mentioned right at the beginning of various wine publications in the context of Alto Adige. Two specific wines most often appear – “Vorberg” a Pinot Bianco, and “Quartz” a Sauvignon Blanc. Let’s start with the region itself. Despite many different influences, Alto Adige, this beautiful Alpine region, border changes, various monarchies, and republics that usurped the area remained true to its local traditions. Despite this, it has unfortunately failed to maintain most of its local, indigenous tribes. Although Kellerei Terlan has a few such wines in their portfolio, let’s face it – these are not the most significant points of this winery’s program. Like the vast majority in Alto Adige, they are orientated on international varietals introduced in the region by the Habsburgs. The young generation of winemakers, which is slowly taking over the family business, is investing more and more in the revitalization of the local strains… but this is a topic for a separate text and maybe even a research paper for the DipWSET. Kellerei …