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2018 Louro Rafael Palacios

2018 Rafael Palacios “Louro”

I’m starting this post for at least 5th time, backspacing everything after several words. I bought the bottle at the “Powinno” wine store in Wrocław (Poland). A few days ago I’ve texted Karol, the owner, to ask about the wine. I thought it’s a 100% Godello, turns out it’s cut with Treixadura, but in unknown amounts. Some vintages were cut 90/10 Godello/Treixadura, but no fix information is available. – I’ve just opened the bottle yesterday evening. – I said.– What do you think? – Karol asked. – Well… to be honest… I’m still thinking. Godello do Bolo (2018) from Rafael Palacios is no ordinary Godello wine, that’s sure. I’ve never tried a pure Treixadura wine, but what I’ve read, it’s supposed to inject some lemony-citric aroma, sometimes some herbs, some apples, which seems pretty normal as it is related to Loureiro. Of course, it’s only up to 10% in the cut, but the typical expected Godello aromas are also not very clear in the case of that 2018 Louro. I was curious if the wine …