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2015 Petit Bout de Lune

Fabien Bonnet and Stefania Galimberti are the ones behind the Les Petits Riens. They strive by the holistic approach living according to the cycles of nature, in harmony with the earth and sky. Even the bottles are sealed with their own produced beeswax. Is this still heroic viticulture or more harmonic viticulture? 😉 Les Petits Riens are making fantastic wines with a total dedication to the cause. Their approach is what one would call true craftsmanship. The quantities of the wines produced are limited. The reason is to be able to personally follow all the phases and care for the wines they make. All the wines are done biologically and actually to what would also fit the Demeter requirements. Les Petits Riens don’t own the certifications, just as many winemakers producing quality wines in the Valle d’Aosta. The reason is straightforward – they don’t need any logo to make amazing wines. The vineyard Fabio and Stefania work with is two hectares, with cultivated 12 different native and non-native vines (local Cornalin, Petit Rouge, Gamay, Erbaluce, …

2018 Mari di Ripiddu Etna Bianco

Etna Bianco 2018 from Mari di Ripiddu is my first approach to wine from grapes grown on volcanic soil and also from that particular area near Catania.  I didn’t know what to expect besides some minerality, possibly salty tang, stone aromas. I certainly was not disappointed about that encounter. This particular 2018 Etna Bianco is a truly beautiful wine, perfect for a hot summer day. The grapes are Carricante and Catarratto, which are indigenous to southern Italy, especially to Sicily. The first is a high yield grape cultivated in slopes of Etna for a thousand years. The latter grape is a descendant of a well-known grape Garganega, which is used to produce many easy-drinking wines. Appearance: clean, paleNose: clean, fresh with clear lime zest aromas, a little wax, and stone Palate: dry, medium+ acidity – good incorporated, not disturbing, aromas of green apple, hints of iron on the palate.