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2018 Roter Riesling - Winnica Silesian

2018 Roter Riesling – Winnica Silesian

Winnica Silesian is a new brand to the polish wine market, but they already managed to get widespread attention. The foundation is strong – there is a lovely story, a vivid design, there are the personality and the young strength, as well as and good social media coverage. But is there also a final product – the wine? Well, yes!  The first thing one notices is the beautiful label design. Each of the labels bears a different picture of the family or the property, accompanied by a short story and wine description. The Roter Riesling’s label tells us a story about the founder’s brother, his horse, and his temper, which shall be resembled in the character of the wine – cheerful, young and playful. Before we get to the wine, what is the Roter Riesling? For a long time, it was believed that the grape is the ancestor of the well-known white Riesling grape. The DNA analysis conducted in 2009 contradicted the popular view. It turned out that the red Riesling is a mutation of the white grape. It is more …

2018 Mari di Ripiddu Etna Bianco

Etna Bianco 2018 from Mari di Ripiddu is my first approach to wine from grapes grown on volcanic soil and also from that particular area near Catania.  I didn’t know what to expect besides some minerality, possibly salty tang, stone aromas. I certainly was not disappointed about that encounter. This particular 2018 Etna Bianco is a truly beautiful wine, perfect for a hot summer day. The grapes are Carricante and Catarratto, which are indigenous to southern Italy, especially to Sicily. The first is a high yield grape cultivated in slopes of Etna for a thousand years. The latter grape is a descendant of a well-known grape Garganega, which is used to produce many easy-drinking wines. Appearance: clean, paleNose: clean, fresh with clear lime zest aromas, a little wax, and stone Palate: dry, medium+ acidity – good incorporated, not disturbing, aromas of green apple, hints of iron on the palate.

How to pair wine with Paella?

A year ago I spent some time in the beautiful city of Valencia. While soaking in the local traditions, culture, language, I was also interested in local cuisine. One of the essential dishes is definitely the paella. In Valencia, the paella Valenciana comes only with rabbit, chicken, and snails. There is one with seafood, which is also very popular, especially with delicious fresh ingredients. The third common type is the paella with vegetables only, where most of the attention gets several local varieties of beans. Well, I was not only eating the paella but also learned how to prepare it. This part of the year brings all the memories again, about the time I have spent in Spain. Even though paella is not a very autumn dish, I noticed some fresh beans in the local markets and decided to cook one again. Side fact: in such an international city like Frankfurt am Main, with a large Spanish/Latin community, it is surprisingly hard to get the proper paella rice! Even in places like Kleinmarkthalle, you will …